Modern Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training that works.

Practical MBSR & MBCT Training for individuals & the Workplace by a MA-level Mindfulness Instructor

Mindfulness Training Designed for Less Stress & More Success.


• Boost productivity
• Improve communication
• Foster creativity & problem-solving

Stress & Wellbeing

• Reduce stress & anxiety
• Minimise sick days
• Cultivate motivation & happiness

Company Culture

• Enhance teamwork & collaboration
• Build a strong community
• Attract more talent


I'm Joe.

I teach Mindfulness workshops & courses based on training at the world-renowned Center for Mindfulness Research & Practice, Bangor University


  • Born in the UK, teach in Barcelona & internationally
  • Believes in teaching Mindfulness in a way that is practical & accessible for the demands of modern life


  • MA in Mindfulness-based Approaches, Bangor
  • Zen Meditation for Health & Wellbeing, Zenways

8-week MBSR Programs, 1-1 Coaching, & Mindfulness at Work courses.

8-Week MBSR

The 8-week MBSR program is designed to help individuals cultivate life-long tools for maximising their life and effectively dealing with stress, illness, and pain.

Individuals attend one ninety-minute class per week over a period of eight weeks, either on your premises or at my training centre. Each week individuals take part in group discussions, learn new techniques, and immediately start putting the new skills and tools into practice.

The MBSR course is based on the work of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and the highly acclaimed Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme. It is scientifically proven to help people cope better with stress, depression, and anxiety. Originally designed for chronic pain and stress-related illnesses, it's equally fit for the every day challenges and demands of modern life.

Cost: £20 p/person p/session
8 Weeks: £160 p/person

1-1 Coaching

1-1 Mindfulness coaching is a unique way to receive personal and tailored guidance for using mindfulness to overcome difficulty and get the most out of your life.

1-1 coaching is perfect for individuals and professionals who are ready for change, whether it be due to specific illnesses or conditions or more generally for relationships, anxiety, and fulfilment. The sessions are typically ninety-minutes long and delivered once a week, in-person or online.

The coaching is based on the original MBSR course, as well as my training and experience in Zen meditation and other disciplines such as MBCT and qigong. For me, these sessions are the most impactful for myself and students, with the personal attention allowing for accelerated changes in confidence, calm, and clarity, as well as how you see and approach life.

Cost: £40 p/session
. 8 Weeks: £320

Mindfulness at Work

The Workplace Mindfulness program is specifically designed to help employees and leaders improve performance, well-being, and resilience in complex and demanding settings.

Employees attend a one-hour training session each week over a six-week period on your premises. They take part in group discussions, learn new techniques, and from day one start practicing and applying them to their work.

Unlike traditional mindfulness programs like MBSR and MBCT, Workplace Mindfulness is specifically designed for the challenges and conditions of the modern workplace. The program meets the needs of employees, managers, and business leaders with all their varying goals and resources. The program can be taught in a standard meeting room, without the need for special equipment.

Cost: £20 p/person p/session
8 Weeks: £160 p/person

Many leading organisations around the world are using workplace mindfulness programs to improve the health of their employees, build a sustainable business, & gain a competitive edge.

Mindfulness Training for Stress & Work Resources.

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