meditation for the modern world

Mind & body training that's practical & powerful enough for modern lives & messy minds.

Meditation is simple, life is insane

info overload

We're exposed to a constant barrage of information and stimulation. Only to leave us more stressed and miserable than ever.

illness & Health

There's a crisis as big as climate change going on inside our bodies. We can't address one without the other.

life on demand

Our devices now provide us with news, socialisation, work, and play around the clock. But they far from fulfil our needs.


Hello. I'm Joe.

I teach meditation, mindulness courses, and write stuff on Medium.


  • Born in the UK, based in Barcelona
  • Teaches meditation and mindfulness in a way that's practical for modern life


  • MA in Mindfulness-based Approaches, CMRP, Bangor
  • Zen Meditation for Health & Wellbeing, Zenways

What meditation & mindfulness can do for you

BRING calm TO A busy & scattered mind

If you're not even a little bit anxious today, you're not paying enough attention. Learn how to be still in a world that's intent on always doing.

get you back in touch with your body

Believing the body is simply a vehicle for the mind is over. Discover how your body is the key to spiritual, psychological, and physical growth.

cut through the noise & find what matters

You will waste your life scrolling if you don't know what matters. Learn to reduce the noise so you can hear and see what's important to you.

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