no bs meditation & mindfulness


practical training for becoming calm, present, and focused in a frantic, distracted, and rapidly-changing world

mindfulness training for modern & messy minds


become a master of mental dribble & learn how to stand back & see your emotions clearly


learn the art of presence and discover the truth about physical and mental stress


develop undistractable focus and learn why attention is the most important skill


hello, I'm joe.

i study and teach mindfulness & meditation. not the floaty head-in-the-clouds type that's all about feeling good, the real hardcore stuff that's about changing lives.


  • believes meditation should be practical and available for all to use in everyday life
  • once had breakfast with thich naht hanh without realising it was him
  • can always be relied upon to have chocolate
  • apparantly has a terrible poker face


  • trainee teacher of the zenways 8-week course in zen meditation for health & wellbeing
  • ma in mindfulness-based approaches, centre for mindfulness research & practice, bangor uni
  • umpteen failures and endless hours spent confused and wondering what the hell I'm doing

how you can learn practical meditation & mindfulness...

one-to-one teaching

online & video courses

workplaces & groups

now is the time.

each week i send out an email stuffed with practical mindfulness advice for the modern world. seize the moment and sign up:

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